4 Jan 18 -   "...started my New Year right with a perfect massage."

6 Jan 18 - "Absolutely brilliant massage & facial. Thank you so much."

6 Jan 18 - "Thank you for our wonderful massage. It was our first time here and we enjoyed it very much. Thanks."

14 Jan 18 - "Thank you for this lovely massage. It feels so good!"

26 Jan 18 - "Ataahua te whare, ataahua nga wahine katoa, ataahua taku mirimiri. (Beautiful house, beautiful women and my beautiful massage."

7 Dec 17 - "Thank you...the best massage I ever had"

10 Dec 17 - "Always amazing, so relaxing, love it everytime. See you in the New Year!"

11 Dec 17 - "Feel really good after. I would love to come again."

13 Dec 17 - "Feeling really relaxed. Thank you."

15 Dec 17 - "I have been here multiple times and it is 'by far the best'. We will be back!"

19 Dec 17 - "Wonderfuly relaxing. Thank you."

28 Dec 7 - "To the wonderful team at Bai Pho - wishing you all am happy festive season and a fabulous 2018. Thank you for your amazing work."


4 Nov 17 - "First time - Perfect. Scrub and Massage - Perfect"

8 Nov 17 - " The Best masssage and experience ever. Lovely service"

17 Nov 17 - "The most relaxing hour ever! Couples massage"

19 Nov 17 - "Such a lovely atmosphere and service - Will recommend definitely!"

21 Nov 17 - " Thank you team for great srvice, always provide professionalism..truly grateful."

22 Nov 17 - "Thank you for the wonderful service, so incredibly relaxing. Very Happy."

3 Sep..."Thank you for a relaxing experience. Perfect everytime"

7 Sep...”First time and what a blissful experience – will definitely be back"

7 Sep...”Thank you for an amazing massage. So relaxing and I absolutely loved it”

10 Sep...”Amazing couples massage as always. See you again soon"

23 Sep...Absolutely lovely. Have booked again..."

30 Sep..."Best couples massage, very relaxing and refreshing. Definitely coming back. Thank you lovely staff "


5 Aug 17 - "Love coming to Bai Pho...without a doubt the best place in auckland for a massage I have been coming for years and will continue to do so."

6 Aug 17 - "Heavenley no matter which massage you choose. Blissful."

8 Aug 17 - "Very relaxing, Great pressure and Beautiful atmosphere. Lovely customer service. Would definitely recommend..."

10 Aug 17 - "Being able to book online is terrific! Thank you and I look forward to this evening. Will get me through the day!!"


26 July 17 - " Hands down, the best massage place. I've been coming here for years and could never go anywhere else. Thank you for always making me feel welcomed, taking care of me and doing your job oh so well. Very blessed. Thank you"

29 July 17 - Overseas guests - "This is the best massage that we have ever had...USA & NZ. We will definitely be back before our time in Auckland is up. Thank you!!"

11 July - "Wonderful massage. So relaxing."

14 July 17 - "Marvellous. Indulgent. Luxurious. Perfect. Just what we needed. Thank you."

14 July 17 - "I'm brand new again! Thanks guys."

16 July 17 - " Wasn't our first massage - won't be our last. Exceptional service, fantastic massage as always. Thank you so much."

16 July 17 - "Amazing. Will be back. Thank you."

8 July 17 - Still the best in NZ. ... massage is a perfect 10/10.

8 July 17 - "I'm a regular here and today I came in with severe back pain. After a blissful 90 minutes I left walking tall again. This was the best massage ever...literally. Awesome team. Thanks."

9 July 17 - "Excellent as always."

9 July 17 - Absolutely fantastic, I will be back again. Thank you."

9 July 17 - "Such a good experience right from walking through the door. And am awesome massage. Thanks."

11 July 17 - "An amazing experience. Thank you."

1 July 17 - "Amazing Deep Tissue massage. A deluxe 2 hour experience. Complete stress release from tip of my head to the tip of my toe.""

2 July 17 - "My favourite pace. Great as always"

2 July 17 - "Absolutely 100% 10/10 gradingfrom my partner and I! We will be recommending this massage for everyone! See  you every month...I'm so relaxed."

2 July 17 - Absolute bliss! Perfect pressure throughout and really focused on the areas I asked to be. The warm towel down is always a bonus. Thank you."

5 July 17 - "fab massage..very relaxing. Thank you."

19 Jun 17  "Wonderful as always”...

21 Jun 17  "Always relaxing to be here"...

29 Jun 17  ”Amazing, I would recommend this place to the world”…

30 Jun 17  "Sooo good. I will come back again soon” ...

30 Jun 17  "Relaxed, Very nice. Great service. Thank you"...

01 July 17  "As always, a beautiful massage"...

6 Jun 17 - "I have been coming here for five years. Fantastic massage. Eni is fabulous"

7 Jun 17 - "All the therapists are dedicated to giving the best possible massage"

8 Jun 17 - "Excellent massage and facial everytime I come in. Therapists are great and uncomparable. Looking forward to my next massage. It really helps"

9 Jun 17 - "Such an amazing experience. The therapists are wonderful, kind and make you feel comfortable everytime you visit. The massage and facial I get is great! It never fails to make me feel good"

This is my happy place. I am always telling my friends to treat themselves and try one of the many massages. The atmosphere and special touches are really wonderful

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