Honey Facial at Bai Pho Thai Massage

Bai Pho Facial Options 

Bai Pho facials are based around a New Zealand made premium skin care range, that is rich with the goodness of pure, high performance UMF Manuka Honey.

UMF Manuka honey, upon penetrating skin, has the unique ability of analysing the nature of skin and to act appropriately in rebalancing skin back to a healthier state.The UMF Manuka Honey based skin care range is natures answer toward achieving healthier and more radiant skin.

It also means the products we use are totally natural, safe & very effective.

Our products are suitable for all skin types and all ages. The only exception is if you are allergic to honey, pollen, royal jelly, or propolis, but that is very rare.



Signature Facial 60mins

Includes cleansing and exfoliating, followed by a Honey Mask that is applied for 20 mins, then Rejuvenating Cream, and Eye & Lip Cream. Nourish your skin!

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Express Facial 30mins

Includes cleansing and exfoliating, followed by a Intensive Repair Cream then Rejuvenating Cream. A great addition to massage as a pick me up for your skin!

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