5 In-Office Exercises to Build Stress-Resilience and Improve Posture

Most executives sit too much. Waaaay too much. We sit in meetings. In front of the computer. During the daily commute. And all this sitting, along with a lack of physical activity, has devastating effects on the body and the brain.

Ready for the sitting list of doom? Too much time in the chair leads to a decline in health, an increase in stress, poor posture and related aches and pains, and an unfocused brain that has a hard time thinking critically and processing memory.

4 Reasons for Weight Trainers to get a Massage

Mon, 2015-08-10 07:58

Massage aren’t just for the well to do in fancy spa’s, a weight trainer probably gets more benefit from a quality massage.

1) Massage therapy can improve flexibility

Muscles often become tight after a workout, this tightness limits motion, as a result lifting with tight muscles can lead to injury. Massage stretches bundles of your muscle fibers to improve tissue elasticity and as a result improving and maintaining flexibility. For a lifter to do their best, they need a high degree of flexibility.