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Real men get facials too!

Sure your Granddads and Dad would have distrusted facials but be the bigger man, go to the mountain, and have a facial - see at last what you have been missing for years.

To many men, the facial has always been on the dark side of what is acceptable for a man. A bit too girly. Which just goes to show how far men still have to go.

Real men are man enough to try things that many other guys have dubbed “for women only.” Not talking about putting on lipstick and wearing a bikini, but about treating your face the way it deserves to be treated.

There is no denying that men are missing out on a lot of the things that women take for granted, and that make them healthier, happier and lovelier. And don't men have the right to be healthier, happier and lovelier too? The benefits of getting a facial apply to both men and women, but men typically shut down when they hear the "f" word.

If you're a man and you've never experienced a facial, it is also an excellent way to manage stress and one of the most relaxing things that you can treat yourself to.

Do you shampoo and condition your hair and visit a barber when you need a haircut? Do you work out to keep your body healthy and lean? Don’t ignore your face! Get a facial.

Leave your ego at the door and just try it. It’s like wearing a pink shirt for the first time.

5 Reasons to get a Facial

  1. She really IS looking at the blackheads on your nose.
  2. Smooth Crow’s Feet and fine lines
  3. Helps reduce ingrown hairs from shaving.
  4. Repair sun damage & build healthy new cells
  5. DE-STRESS! Stress is a killer and we must do all that we can to avoid it.


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