Sat, 2016-01-02 00:09

5 Reasons not to miss a Couples Massage 

1. Helps reconnecting

Many couples have trouble finding time to be alone without worrying about what they need to get done, or what they didn’t do that day.  During a massage session, you instinctually let go of the past, don’t think about tomorrow and are more in the moment. Enjoying a stress free activity together can help you reconnect.

2. Relieves family stress

A massage physically relaxes your muscles, which translates into a feeling of wellbeing that can improve your general mood and outlook on life. In a stressful time, massage can help you work through tough times, and foster more thoughtful conversation with your partner.

3. Gives you both a rare moment of real relaxation

Couples massage happens in a quiet room, with soothing music, on a pair of soft, warm closely-positioned tables.  Each therapist tailors the massage for her client, perhaps one client just needs to de-stress, while the other has tight neck and shoulders from being hunched over a key board for too long.  

4. You Don’t Have To Take Turns

If you are not used to giving massage then after about 5 minutes your hands start to feel tired and cramp up, your partner gets a short massage and you feel bad. While you may take turns giving each other massage therapy treatments at home, you’re never both in a blissful massage-induced haze at the same time. Getting couples massage from a pair of qualified massage therapists allows you both to get comfortable at the same time and relax together. It’s a perfect solution for letting your guard down and having a restful experience. 

5. Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has many basic health advantages that are proven to help with your overall health. Massages increase circulation and blood flow, and can reduce pain associated with many diseases and injuries. If you have chronic headaches, nerve pain or even a digestive disorder, consider getting a couples massage with your significant other or trusted friend and let the healing effect of a massage help you overcome your health problems or everyday niggles.

A “couples” massage does not mean the couple has to be a romance couple. It’s perfectly normal for friends, family members and co-workers to enjoy a couples massage together. You can talk and catch up while you get the attention you need on your own massage table from your trained massage therapist.




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