Coconut Oil

Skin Deep Facial Cleansing Bar is a ultra rich, deeply hydrating, totally natural, gentle and mild but a most effective cleanser plus highly nutritious. Your skin will be left feeling pure, soft and fresh while looking balanced with a healthy glow.

Vitamin Rich

Skin Deep Facial Bar is made from Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, it is rich in vitamins and skin protecting anti-oxidants that fight free radicals, aiding in tissue healing and repair. Natural emollients make this gentle soap lock in moisture while keeping your skin soft and supple. 

Because the coconut oil is cold pressed, it maintains its molecular structure, ensuring that the natural emollients remain present to penetrate deep into the skin, helping to combat the signs of aging while diminishing fine lines & wrinkles


Pure & Natural

Skin Deep Facial Bar is pure & natural. Most skin care products on the market today are made with refined oils, unspeakable (and unpronounceable!) chemicals, and artificial fragrances. Skin Deep Facial Bar has none of that, the ingredients are simple and natural.


Skin Deep Facial Bar is ideal for sensitive skin, it offers relief for dry flaky skin and eczema, some psoriasis and dermatitis. Suitable for sensitive, or irritated skins of youth and maturity.


How to Use

Use with warm wet hands, working into a light fluffy lather. Avoid the eyes, work over the entire face. Splash rinse off.

RRP is $27.99

Introductory Price at Bai Pho is $19.99